LED Corner Floor Lamp 155 CM – App Controller


This beautiful minimalist led corner floor lamp fits discreetly and perfectly into corners. Minimal body let this lamp slide even behind couches and sectionals. With an app and remote-controller it’s a game-changer lamp to combine minimalist design elements with technology. A true mood changer lamp to create an amazing atmosphere in your living space. Our minimalist corner floor lamp will underline the stylish atmosphere of your room in an elegant way.



LED Corner Floor Lamp is a perfect match to your style and taste of art and it will enhance the beauty of your décor while creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your living space.

Perfect Duo

If you decided to create a truly breathtaking and sophisticated atmosphere in your living space we suggest you to get a pair of these minimalist lamps and position them in 2 opposite corners. You will be amazed by the results. They can radiate an entire room through indirect lighting and create a dreamy atmosphere instantly.

With an app and remote-controller, it’s a game-changer lamp that combines minimalist design elements with technology. A perfect fit for any corner.

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